Women's Circles In person and Online

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Welcome sisters to our Women’s Circles


A women’s circle is a safe and sacred space for women to come together, have our voices heard, relax and have fun, and be nurtured by our sisterhood. 

Women throughout history have gathered in circles to empower each other and share wisdom as our right of passage. 

These affirming community gatherings help women get in touch with their feminine strength and turn up their positive vibration. 

In these circles we focused on cultivating Self Honour, Self Respect, Self Acceptance, Realistic Expectations, Self Forgiveness and Self Actualisation.


With politics dividing us further every day, women need community now, more than ever. 


Beginners, teachers and experienced are welcome. 

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Holistic Skills Women's Circles In Person


First Thursday of each month - if Sunday's suit you better, please message me. 

Time: In Person 1pm to 4pm Australian Standard Eastern Time

Tickets: $55 
Purchase ticket HERE (places are limited)

Address: Liefde Wellness Centre, 56 Hartnett Dr, Seaford Victoria Australia

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to find a park and settle in 


Mothers & Daughters Circle (7yrs and up) In Person On HOLD

Celebrating Young Women (Mothers and 11yrs and up) - Coming of age On HOLD

It's time for us to connect, recharge and support ourselves in being roles models in our local communities.


Health & Light, Daniella Hogarth xxx

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