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The Bio-Resonance Shedding & Repair Frequency Patch are made by using a Bio-Resonance machine to imprint a specific set of programmed frequencies into the Bio-Resonance Patch. When the patch is applied to the skin, the body chooses which frequencies it resonates with at the cellular level, promoting our natural ability to heal ourselves.


These patches contain frequencies that include herbal signatures to stop, protect and fight against pathogens such as spike proteins, 5G Electromagnetic Fields and Radio Frequencies. In addition, they are encoded with musical notes and rife frequencies to activate pathways for organ support and repair cell structure.


Included in these patches are the homeopathy remedy frequencies of:

· 2021VPN: To protect against the symptoms of COVID and reduce effects of shedding from other people that have had either of the vaccinations.

· BUAU: To reduce the symptoms associated with either being exposed to or injected by the vaccination.

· AZ: For those that have had the AstraZeneca vaccination

· PF: For those that have had the Pfizer vaccination



Place one patch on the skin where it is less likely to be touched or knocked (middle back is a good option) Leave the patch on for as long as it lasts before it falls off (normally between 4 to 10 days) Wear the patch at all times including in the shower and at night.

Continue to wear the patches until you have finished the pack of 9 patches. Once you have finished your pack you can contact Sharon Greenberg for a personalised Bioresonance session to have more patches created for you or you can purchase another original pack of 9 patches.


These Patches are available from Sharon Greenberg - Bioresonance Therapist: 0403500907,

Or Daniella has the patches available in clinic at Parkdale, Vic .

Approx. 7 weeks supply for $30. Postage $2.50


For more information on the sources of the homeopathic remedies mentioned above or to purchase, please contact Kinesiologist Heidi Everett at

Shedding & Repair Frequency Patches