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Soul Rescue & House Clearing 


Duration: Please allow 1 hour to 1.5 hours


Location: Your home or business



Weekdays 9-3pm $290

After 3PM and Weekends $350


Distant Clearing (No attendance required)

Location: From my healing room

Any Time $180

Payments are cash or electronic transfer.


Daniella Hogarth ANZ BANK BSB: 013423 Account: 315776444

House or Work Clearing & Soul Rescue

Having an unresolved energy or lost soul in your home can be unsettling and result in feelings of uneasiness. With specialized skills a solution can be found, allowing families and businesses to feel more at peace in their space.


Celebrate a new home, newborn child, renovation or bring back serenity and abundance after family or staff arguments, illness, traumas and other unsettling energies (or unwanted entities) that can linger and disturb the balance and happiness of any home or workplace. 




  • Home energy balancing

  • Entity energy clearing

  • Setting up a crystal grid on the space

  • Keep Calm Spray and Crystals to keep

  • Energy clearing incense to keep

  • Personal and home meditation to use

  • Sage stick and instructions on how to cleanse space.



The process takes about 60-90 minutes depending on how much energetic dirt is in the home. I start at the front of the house and move through rooms to which I am called, and I begin clearing the energy with sage smoke, Reiki symbols & energetic incantations. I then use my dowsing rods to review the house and seal up the property with love and light energy. If smoke is not permitted then I use crystals and my Keep Calm Spray. I then energetically seal the front and back door with a crystal grid.


There two different terms: House Cleansing and House Clearing

A House Cleansing is something anyone can do to their home. Purchase a small dried sage stick and burn it while walking through your home.  Or you can buy my Keep Calm Spray and spray it throughout your home.  Sage absorbs negative energy and leaves additional healing vibrations in the home.  I cleanse my home once a week and would suggest that everyone else do so as well.  Be prepared though – sage also clears negative energy on or in a person, so you may feel a tantrum come on right after you have cleansed the house.


A House Clearing is a more complex process done by a professional, and it would be done when you are buying or selling a new home, when significant change has occurred or when you feel the energy of a negative entity or a ghost.  This process clears every room, identifies any negative energy drafts, reroutes energy flow, rids the house of negative energy spots, removes negative entities and ghosts (yes, ghosts exist, but they are not all bad) and places energetic boundaries along the outside of the home in case negative energy is coming from the street or the neighboring houses.

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